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​About the Clinic
The Balance Health Services has serviced in Milton with series natural therapeutic remedy since 2005. Based on the understanding of Yin Yang and Five Elements theory, traditional Chinese medicine(TCM), therapists prescribe deferent treatment plan according patients' individual conditions to heal the illness.
​About our therapist 
Our therapists are all licensed and registered acupuncturist and massage therapist in Ontario. And meanwhile, we are well trained and experienced.
​What we offer to patients 

How do we help you
Ancient Chinese found that there are twelve main channels, or “regular meridians” running vertically across and throughout the human body connecting the internal organs.  The meridians carry and sent the essential energy, also called Qi, through all body. Variious disorders or disease may be caused by interrupted energy flow due to the blockage of meridians.  We introduce the TCM remedies  to stimulate Qi flow and harmonize energy flow in the body. With TCM treatment,new can help you to 

- Relieves pain and unblock the stagnation inside the body
- Regulates and strengthen the functional activity of the internal organs
- Relaxes and consolidate the musculoskeletal system
- Calms the spirit, relieve anxiety and stress
- Improves the overall condition of health

Categories of treatment 
Eliminating pain and inflammation caused by muscular, joints disorders and trauma 
Internal diseases
Gynecological diseases, include infertility 
Gastrointestinal disorders
Chronic fatigue syndrome

Our hours 
            Tuesday - Friday          10:00am - 8:00pm
               Saturday                       9:00am - 14:00pm
               Sunday, Monday closed 
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